Wednesday, October 20, 2010

words on screen

Remember when I got to post every day? And I could carefully write and edit and crop and spend an hour or two on each post? Early Bleisenblog, I call it. I got upset when I went a day without posting. My writing was definitely better then. The status of my writing currently is along the lines of cave hieroglyphs. You know, those were pretty innovative, at the time. I'm a pioneer!

I would have continued to bombard you with picture posts slapped together with hardened mud (REALLY innovative now, combining the staying power of mud with the internet), but the blogger picture posting function is down for two hours, starting five minutes ago. So, words it is.

As usual when I'm this tired and I haven't been posting I mostly have the nagging feeling that I had something to tell you that I can't remember. For all I know, I may have been on the verge of re-inventing the wheel. Who's to know?

Here are some things I remember, from lately. Halloween! That's a thing, coming up. Dylan, it turns out, is creeped out by the whole "mermaid" thing, although she remains fascinated with Ariel. She prefers the part at the end, where she has legs. I wouldn't know much about it, as I have always found that movie SO BORING I have yet to sit through it. I ordered her a regular dress with a picture of Ariel on it and she's thrilled and she can wear it when it's not a costume also and I'm happy because it's neither a huge frilly thing nor a creepy mermaid/bikini thing.

Ollie. Is fantastic. He is happy and friendly and eats anything you put in front of him and he does that ridiculous muppet smile all the time and he has a whole bunch of words that come and go and he mimics sounds eerily well and he understands and is very responsive to much of what we say and he uses Dylan and his dump truck as walkers and he thinks all books should be kissed on every page and! He's been sleeping.

Dylan is, developmentally, in a stage right now that I call NOT GRUMPY. Like a regular person. Much better that way. She's happy and friendly at such times, and I think rather competent, for someone who's four. She's careful and deliberate and considerate and we've hammered a sense of humor into her and she's starting to understand some math and reading stuff pretty intuitively, and remains cheerful if you take her out of the house and keep her fed and exercised and adequately rested and don't attempt adult conversations in her presence. Not dissimilar to Snuffy, except he doesn't mind so much if Aaron and I talk to each other. Trying to have a focused conversation opens a spigot which causes an unending stream of words to come out of her mouth in random order until we just give up. Here is a lesson: it is physically very difficult to make someone else stop talking.

I am finishing up emergency medicine. I really like it. I don't think it's a missed calling or anything, but I wouldn't mind doing it on occasion.

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