Thursday, October 07, 2010

hodgepodge of all the photos scattered around my virtual desktop, with brief captions

The dog park: hostile to children and partial to aged food.
Play doh: something I thought I would like to do with Dylan because I love projects but in reality it is more trouble than it's worth and I seem to have to be overly involved with it

and WHY? WHY?

She wore this all day. She got many an appreciative comment.

Ollie proudly wields the shopping list after he wrested it away from me

Nooooo! That is not only bad to eat, but without it I will flail around trying to find the things that will actually be good to eat so we don't have to feed on pens.
One of Aaron so he doesn't feel left out

Birthday gardening kit circa two weeks ago:

And circa 10:52pm:

Speaking of gardening, here is my secret garden. You thought we got a minivan for the kids, didn't you?

Hair cut

I thought I was capturing a nice kiss but it turned out upon closer inspection to be an attempted smothering

Happy feet

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