Monday, October 11, 2010

Will surely end well

"Hey Dylan, what do you dial for an emergency?"

"Ninety-nine one!"

"And what's our address?"

"Nine one one!"


I was impressed when I came upon Ollie sitting in a seat like a civilized human. Not so impressive in reality--he's strapped in there.

These ones are still best buddies. They just...go off and play together. All the time. Today Dylan let Ollie use her as a walker. She is certainly more patient than I've ever been.


The Princeton team is winning on the Amazing Race. So proud.


I haven't been looking up baby instructions on the blog by referencing Dylan at the same age as much as I did when Ollie was first born. I thought I would check in today and it was actually really helpful. We are SO EXHAUSTED right now and it was sort of reassuring to see that every other post was about not sleeping and being really tired and extra housework from having another person and such. I can't imagine it was all that entertaining to read, but it made me feel better because it was a reminder that having a baby this age is tiring. I know, right? Insightful. I think I remember it getting progressively less exhausting over the next 6-12 months, and Ollie is definitely a better sleeper. I also learned that we were into the Simpsonizer at that time. So much learning, today.

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