Friday, October 29, 2010

ready for my close-up

You know how you can get selected for extra security screening at the airport? And then they wand you? They don't use a wand anymore. And I would describe their technique as more...thorough. I don't know if I was looking particularly scruffy or particularly cute, but I don't think that was random.


We tried to have a family photo shoot today (I can hear Tyra Banks in the back of my mind, "You had a photo shoot...we asked you to convey the message that you are proud that you quit heroin, but just a little bit tempted by your old friends, and you remain wary of the police although you like their uniforms, while using only your neck...now let's look at your best shot") but it got rained out. It nearly killed Dylan that I made her let me pick out her clothes since I was trying to vaguely coordinate us. It did not actually kill her though, which would have been a problem.


Dylan remembers last year's pumpkin carving: Mommy, YOU MADE A BIG MESS. So she was all about painting the pumpkins. I convinced her with the reasoning that it is all but impossible to light a candle in a non-carved pumpkin, so we did a little tiny one. I get to go to their costume party today.


Dylan is in a class that, for the first time ever, does not make a big deal out of THESE ARE THE BOYS AND THESE ARE THE GIRLS AND THE BOYS ARE BEING WILD AND THE GIRLS GET THE PINK CUPS. I have really liked her teachers for the last couple years, but they all did it to a certain degree. This is so much better. It took Dylan a while to get used to, but really, it just seems healthier for the kids. She's having much less intense interactions with her best friends and I can tell she's playing with more kids. They don't start in on the boys until they're a little older, so I haven't seen much of this with Ollie yet.

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