Friday, November 19, 2010


Imagine, if you will, trying to explain the Wizard of Oz to a Martian. The Martian is familiar with our culture, but has a limited vocabulary and is rather concrete. The Martian would ask a lot of questions, is what I'm saying.

Speaking of vocabulary, I taught Dylan "liquid" yesterday. Today we were out in the cold and I offered her hot chocolate:

"Yay! That is a liquid, Mommy."

"That's right. And there are two other kinds of things. One is solids, which is what all this stuff around us is. The other is gases, which are like air or steam."

"And farts! That is a gas!"


I like to ask Ollie if he wants a cracker. It goes something like this: Ollie want a cracker? Heh. Heh.

Ollie has been crawling for SIX MONTHS. He WILL NOT WALK. He is as stubborn as Dylan in his own way, he's just a bit more easygoing. He stands on his own all the time and he has great balance and he could start running around any time and he just won't do it. If he catches the slightest whiff that you're trying to get him to take a step he plops down on his butt immediately. He can actually run, and he'll do it as long as he's touching a walker or something with a finger or two, but not by himself. I thought since he was active so early he was going to be more reckless than the rest of us, but no. We bleisenbergs do not appreciate threats to our persons, including toddlerhood.


Check it out! I'm on the internet! And not just on a free blogging site, with the dithering.


An adventure, from last weekend.

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