Saturday, November 13, 2010

the rundown

Well. Now. that was a little wild, wasn't it? The six interviews? In three weeks? And five states?

Here are some shots from the road.

I came upon an awesome play area in O'Hare, complete with air traffic control tower, during a FOUR HOUR LAYOVER. It was a shame to have no Dylan to use it. I think O'Hare must have its own time zone, or something.

I have lost all track of date, time, month, etc at this point, so it would be a bit much to ask me to remember why I was taking blurry pictures of myself in the mirror, wouldn't it now?

I got free of the hospital/airport/hotel loop once or twice!

The loop quickly retrieved me though.

Quick good night pic for the kids before takeoff one Sunday night.

Red socks from one of the Boston programs.

Ollie and Aaron tracked me down near the end.

More work with that baby around, but better.

I sent videos every day I was away, which was a big hit. I thought you would enjoy a stellar example of one. In all the commotion Dylan managed to score a trip to NYC with my parents, which is why she wasn't with us.

Dylan thought "pipe down baby" was the funniest line ever and continues to watch this one over and over.

At one point I had to wake up at 3am to fly from Boston to Binghamton whille Aaron and Ollie drove down from Ithaca to pick me up on our way to Pennsylvania. Meanwhile Dylan was flying out of Ithaca with my parents, while Annie got Snuffy from my parents' house to take care of him. I felt like a I was conducting an orchestra for a while there, except it kept playing for like three days.

So now we have to figure out where we want to go. It's a choose your own adventure! Except for instead of turning to page 132 we need to find employment for Aaron and enroll Dylan in Kindergarten and arrange care for Ollie and look into housing and live near somewhere romp-friendly for Snuffy and also be able afford to exist and not go too far away so our families don't feel left out but still maintain the illusion that we are choosing a place to live just because it's cool and interesting and has lots of outdoor stuff to do. It turns out to be even less fun than you might think! I liked all the programs though, so that's something.


Sarah said...

You should TOTALLY come to Madison! Lots to love (including lots of outdoors stuff and friendly places for snuffy to roam). Plus we can gang up on the guilt factor and get David and Melanie out more often :o) Let me know if there's anything we can help with!

bleisenblog said...

It's certainly tempting. We're split between about four places right now.