Monday, November 01, 2010

on the road again

Managed to avoid getting my own up close and personal security screening this time. You know what arouses a lot of submission? Breast pumps. Subversive, I tell you.

I will now confess something that has given an anxiety attack to everyone I've told. For my last trip the direct ticket to Detroit was like $400. I could get on the same flight for $120 if I booked the trip to San Fransisco with a layover in Detroit. So that is what I did. And then I did not get on the second leg of the trip. There, I said it. I'm basically a scofflaw at this point. Scoff. Scoff.


I'm not sure I've ever seen Rochester take Halloween this seriously. The streets were just swarming with people in costume all weekend. I think it must have been having it be on a Sunday. The Lord likes costumes.


Dylan has, unfortunately, long since learned to operate the stereo. She thinks this means we take equal turns choosing what to play. IT IS MY HOUSE. I GET TO PLAY THE RADIO ALL DAY LONG. In theory. Anyway, she recently switched from using her powers to play Peter Pan all the time back to Annie, which is a far less creepy story. I thus contend that if I have to listen to it all the time she has to stop protesting if I follow her around singing "Look at me, look at me, look at what I'm dripping with...little girls."


Dylan's current career plan is preschool teacher/waitress. I think she's got the look down, for the teacher part anyway.


Here's ma suit. I promise I tuck the shirt in when I need to look presentable. I will not even get into the planning it took to take this picture, nor will I get into the sound that emits from that necklace Dylan is wearing (which explains the devious grin in that last picture as you will notice her pushing the button). I'm even in a hotel room for extra authenticity.

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