Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ollie, 359 Days

This baby. Ridiculous.

I googled "bleisenblog" and "gremlin" and was treated to many, many hits from Dylan, ages 1-2.5. Yes, I remember why now.

It is just bizarre to have this psycho little person scampering around on the floor all the time, who sort of understands you but mostly doesn't or at least does not care to understand you right now, MAMA, due to being preoccupied with reprogramming the timer on the light. Dylan, who is now 3+ feet tall, has graduated to reprogramming the thermostat (Kate: Aaron! Why did you set the the thermostat to 60 degrees? Aaron: DYLAN. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH THAT ANYMORE).

I again went back to consult the blog during Dylan: The Early Years to see what she was up to at this age. She and Ollie started doing some things at the same time, almost to the day, like All Things Are Phones (handful of sloppy joe=my current least favorite, but also sort of my most favorite) and turning around backwards to go down stairs (I love that one because it makes life seem slightly less hazardous for someone who otherwise has little to stop him from injuring himself every five minutes).

In other ways, they are SO DIFFERENT (it's compare, contrast time here at Bleisenblog). Dylan was already starting to get picky at this age. Ollie has never, ever voluntarily stopped eating. He eats EVERYTHING. If you are eating, and he is not, he will demonstrate his displeasure at the rate of four times per second. And it shows, oh yes, in the drumsticks.

Dylan has mostly adhered to the sneaky, silent approach to destruction. Ollie subscribes to the Overtly Defiant School of Evil Defiance. For example, this morning I was able to intercept him from going swimming in the toilet because I heard his herald about-to-do-evil squawk from the other room. He yells to get your attention, waits until you're watching, grins, and does his thing.

He and Dylan are both very snuggly right now, but I don't think Dylan was like that at this age. For a while he would crawl into people's laps and just go to sleep. He is way more into his blankie and stuffed animals than she has ever been, Bear Bear excepted, of course. I have trouble washing his daycare blankie because he finds it in the laundry basket and sneaks off with it.

He sucks his thumb, but only when he's tired. He wants to be read books pretty much constantly, and drags them over and hurls them at me in case I didn't realize. Being fed grapes during storytime, that would work well for him. He signs milk. A lot. Do you know what I do not need him to have a sign for? That he wants milk. I know, okay? I know. Sometimes he does it while nursing. Sometimes Aaron and Dylan join in, with the signing milk. Great teamwork, guys.

I think he nods no and yes. He giggles like a fool, mostly for Dylan and Snuffy. He dances at the slightest hint of a beat. He has only peed on me one time, this whole year. He sleeps! Well enough, anyway. And better when I'm not home. I still have the same feeling I had with Dylan at this age, that I was just starting to feel like myself again.

He likes toys with wheels.

I think now that his trial period is up we'll still keep him. Who can even remember that part when we didn't have him, anyway?

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