Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I am now on the e-mail list of my new med school class. I have gotten to know a few of my new classmates on rotations, but there are a lot of people whose names I don't know. The point is: My fellow students, I cannot differentiate between your e-mails and spam. Especially given your enthusiasm for exclamation points!


Why did we not get a flake of snow during the Giant Blizzard that Paralyzed the Northeast and Also the Pretty Far Southeast? But we were all over the Freezing, Driving Winds and Bitter Cold? Just saying. It's cold. And windy.


Why is Dylan so suspicious whenever I'm chewing anything? And how did she learn to smell chocolate on my breath? It's uncanny. Dried apricots, sweetie, that's what I'm eating.


I am on a rotation now where I help with one of the courses for the second year students. Little do they know that as we sit in lecture I am typing up their exam questions. Having recently taken a rather horrendous exam myself I seem to be drawn towards developing evil questions. You would think I would be sympathetic, who knew?

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