Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Expertise unrelated to all them years of schoolin'

The guy next to me in the supermarket asked me how to know which avocado to choose. I must radiate some kind of avocado knowledge (avocnowledge?). I kept my cool though, and nonchalantly showed him some examples that I would personally pick. I carefully refrained from congratulating him on his excellent sense of who to ask about avocados. Meanwhile Aaron and Dylan were careening around in one of those enormous shopping carts shaped like cars that drive worse than that U-haul we drove when we moved here. Wegmans is one of Dylan's favorite places, apparently aside from the sub counter. There's not really too much more to that story, at least that I know about, but Aaron was the one who actually lived it, so I'll defer to him for details.


You may remember last summer when we had the children build the tent. We thought we would encourage them to continue to pull their weight, so we had them transport this tunnel throughout the first floor.

Heave ho, girls. Put your backs into it.

Then, as long as we were playing "hard labor camp," we had them stay in a tent. And invent their own culture and social hierarchy.

Don't worry! They were good so we freed them the next day.

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