Thursday, March 19, 2009

We won match day

The match is the thing at the end of med school where they put an envelope with your fate in the front of an auditorium and make you stare at it for an hour before you can find out where you're going. Last year our friends Kate and Annabelle got to go exactly where they wanted to and it was really exciting, except after that we had to do some strategizing so as to figure out how to ensnare friends graduating in future years so they would have to remain in Rochester with us. Handcuffs? Ankle bracelets? Brainwashing through subtle manipulative suggestions over the course of weeks and months? I don't know what did it in the end, but we (I assume it was us) managed to trick both Zach (Mochi's dad) and Allison (Maya's mom) and their affiliated families to sticking around for a few more years. Yay! Both our creatures will have their buddies to play with! Sol was a little too wily for our methods and is going to San Diego, so in retrospect we should have spent more time having Snuffy gaze knowingly at him.

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