Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What passes for pants around here

When it has been winter for the entire span of your child's memory

"Him no wear pants?"

"No, those are shorts. It's a little different than not wearing pants."


Every night Dylan gives each of us a kiss goodnight, then we each give her a kiss. Then she hops off our bed on her way to her room and goes "Thanks guys!"


Our friends Kate and Dan (now married for several months thanks to Dylan's flower girl services) were in town visiting last weekend. Kate good naturedly spent an an entire hour-plus car ride on our way to a maple syrup farm chatting with Dylan in the backseat before we stuffed our faces with fistfuls of pancake and syrup.

They are planning to get chickens for their yard, but they want a few different breeds so they won't be able to get them until this summer. Which prompted Aaron to inquire as to whether this means they are counting their chickens before they hatch. Yes, yes they are. We can only hope the pre-chickens are not all in one basket.


I have been telling Dylan for weeks that it's too cold to go bike riding (she means the big people bikes, with her attached). Today she asked, "Is no cold out?" Since it was 65 degrees and sunny I couldn't really argue. "Big bikes?" So off we were to the little bike shop down the street to get a bike pump, which is the next step before actually being able to use the bikes. The owner saw me and Snuffy waiting outside and said we could all come in, and if anyone who didn't like dogs came in they could just leave. He was really nice to us and gave Snuffy a treat and much admiration. Then the guy in the shop next door came in and told us he would have thought Snuffy was much older than he is (four next week!) because he was so calm. We are such suckers for Snuffmiration. And we got the pump and Dylan and I tooled around the neighborhood for a while and I didn't realize winter actually ended? Is this what it's like? So...light. And warm. Too bad I have to be sequestered away in the hospital again starting next week.

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Annie ~ إني said...

It has not ended in the arctic grottos of Ithaca.