Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And The Winner Is

That's right folks, get your Baby Pool results right here.

To recap, 19 of you submitted guesses as to the baby's birth date, time, weight, and sex. In the scoring, I weighted the date most heavily, followed by weight and time, and a bit of Who's Line Is It Anyway-style point granting.

The correct answers were:
9lbs 3oz

Here is the blow-by-blow:

Four people got the date correct. Two of them, Aaron and Annabelle, were disqualified for late entries. Aaron in addition receives some kind of bad karma for entering as we were leaving for the hospital, while Annabelle gets extra points for entertaining Dylan for a full weekend since Ollie was born. The third was Anne, which is notable because she was the winner of Dylan's baby pool and must be weirdly in tune with my birthing arrangements. The fourth was me, but it must be noted that I entered on time and in the end had relatively little control over what day things got going. Had it been up to me it would have been the 19th, which is about when I started panicking about the largeness of the Ollie. Unfortunately, the kind commenters who guessed on the early side were the farthest off, and populated the bottom of the scoreboard. I thought the turkey baby guess was going to be way late, but it turned out to be reasonably close. Guesses that crept into December were, as Dylan might say, Not Nice.


You all were pretty evenly spread out throughout the day, with late afternoon a popular time. Eerily, Vanessa and Adam both guessed within 15 minutes of the correct time.

Again those kind entrants who guessed smaller weights were rewarded with worse scores. Sarah M and Zach B were both within one ounce of the actual weight, and sadly, Sarah was the only one to guess too high. So thank you all for your optimistic thinking in that regard. As was noted earlier, Alana somehow knew the baby's weight on the day the ultrasound was taken, so bonus points for that. Also, extra points to both Sarah and Alana for providing us with weddings to attend in the next year. It's all about us, you know. (congratulations!)

Everyone said it would be a boy, although Dr. Borus gets extra points for feeling the need to distinguish between sex and gender, and Sarah gets still more points for wondering, correctly, whether cookie monsters have a gender.

In summary
Aaron got the best score, but was disqualified for his lack of a moral compass. He may or may not get the lick the bowl. I got the second best score (anyone see The Office episode with the employee of the month?), but I bake things for myself all the time so there is no need to have me win a contest for such a purpose. So the actual winner is...ERICA. This is well deserved, as she is the only one of all of you who stopped by our house last weekend to bring us a treat actually called bonbons, thus allowing me to spend the last two days sitting around eating bonbons. Honorable Mention and a baked good of her choosing will also go to Sarah M for all those extra points and for being off by only 1 day and 1 ounce. Dylan gets to lick the bowl, and will likely be conscripted to help with the baking. Ollie is really not pulling his weight yet for this purpose.

Options For Baked Goods
Cookies we all know my compulsion for cookie-making
Apple Pie this tends to involve tears and rending of garments when I'm working with the crust
Pumpkin Pie cream-based, and thus delicious, even to non-pumpkin pie eaters
Also open to suggestions


Sarah M said...

Hooray! I love cookies and brownies both equally, so I will leave that up to you and the bowl lickers. We will be in NJ/NYC for xmas, but hopefully in Upstate NY sometime soon, including a Rochester foray. I will be sure to keep you posted...

Erica said...

I'd like to thank Ollie, Kate, Aaron, everyone who made the bonbons possible (my mom, the makers of Oreos, the inventor of cream cheese, the colors red and green), and Dylan with her Apple and California Roll Soup - always a culinary inspiration.

bleisenblog said...

Okay, we'll hook you guys hook next time we see you.