Wednesday, December 09, 2009

checking in

Hi, hi.

Dylan would please like to express how she feels about life at the moment. Thank you.

Today her existence has been especially taxing owing to a stomach bug. She has moved from her perch on the couch only for potty breaks and naptime.
Note the new couch. The trusty old blue one, rest its soul, did not survive Thanksgiving.
[confidential exhibit A:
Given my current frequent nighttime couch usage (ahem, OLLIE) we deemed it urgent to obtain a seating arrangement with some kind of structural integrity. There was an unfortunate one week period without ANY couch due to the inability of the couch store to accurately gauge when their inventory will arrive (estimates ranged from December 2nd to the 18th, with four different dates given). But! We finally wrestled it in the house (Hi Zach and Kate! Thank you for sticking around for the Unpleasantness) last night and have all camped out there ever since. Snuffy has been reluctant to try it out, which is just as well since he would blend in rather well and we might lose him.


On an unrelated note, I declare it unpossible to get a decent picture of both children at once. This is the best I could do so far, and really, no one looks their best in either one.

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