Thursday, December 31, 2009

santa claus -- what's that? who's he?

We tempered all that optimism by adding Hard Knock Life to the loop, so now I'm a little bummed about all the well-choreographed scrubbing that needs to be done. Luckily daycare also introduced Dylan to movies this month (a classroom favorite is the moment the grinch's small heart grew three sizes -- the "now he's bad! now he's good!" appeals to the three-year-old crowd) so we blew her mind by playing her some scenes from the movie. I have to say, I'm ready to knock a little of that spunk out of Annie.

Speaking of Annie, Daddy Warbucks is featured for about five minutes at the end of the last Bourne movie. I know because we watched all three of them in a row the other night because Tommy got them in blueray. So much HD violence.

Ollie has been sleeping in 5 or 6 hour stretches when it suits his fickle, fickle fancy. Sadly, he is doing the same reflux thing that Dylan did, which takes significant chunks out of all of our sleep and probably will for months to come. He's still cute though, and enormous.

We're going out for yummy dinner tonight for New Year's, and are thus spending the day drooling in anticipation. Happy New Year from my elfin family. Best wishes that you, too, are drooling in anticipation. [photo credit: Dylan, for the one of me and Ollie]

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