Thursday, December 24, 2009

sees you when you're sleeping etc.

Daycare has spent the last month brainwashing the children about christmas, which they use both as a source of constant craft ideas and as an ever-present behavioral threat. In the middle of hanukkah Dylan wasn't doing what I was asking when it was time to go home, and the teacher apologized to me that she didn't know how to use the holiday to threaten Dylan to listen to me (no santa to call and whatnot). I was going to take it easy on the santa stuff, but that wasn't an option as Dylan came home knowing every detail of every ritual and all the words to all the songs. We did have fun this evening as we put out the cookies and such, although it took her a good hour and a half to fall asleep. I am hoping she doesn't pop out of bed at 3am ready to open presents.

We are on our annual end of December Tour de Upstate road trip. Ollie has already logged one two-hour car ride in which he stayed asleep the whole time. Dylan has literally never done that in her entire life. It really had not occurred to me that some of the stuff that was really hard with dylan (you may recall: the bottle, the spitting up, the starting daycare, the cessation of sleep at 4 months of age, the screaming in the car seat) might actually be easier with this one, so any of those things that is not a nightmare will feel like we won the baby lottery. I'm sure he'll come up with something of his own to throw us for a loop. So far though he's been a rather reasonable baby, although I know I still have a bunch of months of scurrying to bed right after he does to hedge my bets. On that note, he's asleep now so to all a good night.

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