Friday, July 09, 2010

and away we go

I am back at work. Technically, right this minute, I'm in my house. But as an overarching theme, I'm back at work.

This is important because we now have an entire daycare's worth of people to admire our work when we feel the need to dress the children in coordinated preppy outfits. It happens.

It's going shockingly well. The work, that is. Less so the photographing of the preppy children.

Ollie is doing fantastic at daycare. I started him there for half days last week and I don't think he's been thrilled to be there, but 1) he takes a bottle, 2) he puts himself to sleep, eventually, 3) he sometimes stays asleep there for a while, and 4) he eats their food. in fact, he just eats constantly in general. at home I alternate nursing him and giving him real food every hour or two, and I am trying to impress upon them just how much he eats. yesterday one of his teachers handed him over astonished with his performance at lunch, which is how i knew they were starting to feed him enough. his doctor just says he is at the super high end of moving around all the time. to give him baths, i fill the tub with one inch of water and let him crawl around in it because THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Oh, I got distracted there, didn't I?

Right, work. Everything's coming back pretty quickly, and I'm not doing anything that isn't pass/fail until the fall. So. low pressure. and it's sort of nice to get back into practice again. So that's going reasonably well. And when Ollie forgets to complain, there's a whole big room full of toys and babies for him to paw around in, and teachers to admire his crawling, so that works for him. Since we kept Dylan in preschool the whole time she just shrugged and went off to enjoy the pony rides they had yesterday.

The main problem I'm having, besides the soul-crushing heat, is that since I can't get Ollie to bed at a reasonable hour I am spending every minute of my day either at work or minding at least one child. So tired. Yes. But otherwise good.

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