Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Tooth! We have a tooth. Okay, technically a little tooth-pit, where something broke through but has yet to emerge. Whatever. Tooth. Not that a lack of teeth has kept Ollie from eating his weight in pureed squash at each meal. Actually I've gone light on the purees this time and let him feed himself more people food, which works better for everyone. Also! He does not care what goes in his food-hole which provides a lovely incentive to get Dylan to eat stuff. Although she has actually been a great eater lately too. Not so good at getting through the day without melting down into a puddle of hot tired misery, but at least she eats.


"Daddy, what was your low today?"

"Well, I was trying to figure out how to program a weighted bootstrap in a clustered unequal probability sample, but I was having trouble. Then I figured it out, and that was my high."



We have two (2!) new cupcake places in town, so we divided them up, one for each weekend day. Dylan and I checked the first one out yesterday afternoon. It was a design-your-own cupcake place, where you pick the cake, the filling, the frosting, and the topping. The frosting was excellent, but the cake itself was a little chewy. And I would venture to say that they have some kinks to work out in their process.

The one slated for today looks more professional. We went and pressed our snouts up against the window before it officially opened, so really, it's like it's our child.


I did two weeks of work already! It went great! Am functional adult. Who is still in school. Year eight. Whatever. Leave me alone.


Foto gallery

This looks like the missing children pictures where they age them to what they'll look like in 15 years. It's pretty easy with Ollie since he doesn't have any baby fat. Except the thighs, he's focused his efforts there. So he's this otherwise scrawny little thing, with chunky little drumsticks.
And here he is, back to his trademark look of concerned bafflement.

There was some kind of intense phone conference raging in the living room for like an hour today. I think they're planning a fish fry. There will be fish. And fries. You're all invited. The logistics have been worked out in excruciating detail. You should ask about it. But not me, don't ask me.

Aaron felt the need to plate Dylan's lunch today, using the plum pits for artistic? effect.

And his own lunch.

And the latest installment from DylanCam.

And a little taste of the price I pay for giving her the camera.

And for giving me the camera

What was that about functional adults?

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