Tuesday, July 13, 2010

roses, thorns

We've taken to doing daily highs and lows at dinner. Highs tend to include amphetamines and cocaine, while lows are more often prescription drugs or tequila. That is, highs and lows are the best and worst parts of our day, whether drug-induced or not. Dylan is a creature of habit, and any additional items we can add to her routine are instantly and cheerfully adopted for all eternity.

Dylan and Aaron have taken to announcing that their days had no lows. I, on the other hand, do not have any problems shuffling through all the things that bothered me, although I sometimes have trouble picking just one. Dylan tells me I can't keep saying that the worst part of my day was being kept awake from 2-3:30am but I maintain that that is hard to rival.

Yesterday Dylan wandered off during dinner and Aaron went to corral her back and there were some less than happy words exchanged. Dylan went on to say that she still did not have a worst part of her day, but she suggested that the exchange was probably the worst part of Aaron's day. So empathetic.


I would also like to note that while my last phone was technically a blackberry, I did not have a data plan so it was effectively a heavy rock. Aaron just told me you can deposit checks over the phone with the chase app, so now I need someone to send me a check. Any amount accepted. Consider the dollar-a-day level. I also didn't realize that the phone camera would be nicer than my real life camera. The phone has also replaced: bathing.

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