Friday, July 02, 2010


We've had to be proactive with Dylan with talking about taboo-ish topics because her Aaron-elf ears perk up like antenna if she senses that a topic is even the slightest bit risque.

We heard from a couple different places that talking about race early is important, rather than just letting her just experience diversity. I got a sesame street book about it, which is so vague as to be possibly not useful (we're different! and the same!), but she does seem to get it a little bit since there's kids of all different races at daycare. Plus there's an inexplicable cameo by Laurel and Hardy that she likes. (Ollie!) She asked what color we were and I thought the honest answer is sort of pinkish, so that turned out to be popular.

We have a body parts and babies book that she LOVES. This one is fun because she remembers Ollie's umbilical cord stump and the hospital and all, so she understands it well. She feels she has made out well because of all the parts she gets to have. Plus eggs! Score! She will be happy to oblige you if you wish to talk about your parts.

She first keyed in on death when she heard about Michael Jackson on the radio a year ago. I think she gets the concept, but hasn't asked too many questions. There was a story on Senator Byrd this morning that got her going again. She got the "people get old and sick" part easily enough. We ran into trouble when she pressed me for specifics about people we know, in the future. Will there be water involved? Perhaps disease? A fall from a height? She does not seem worried (hmmm, is that good, or bad?) so let's all, collectively, not give her any ideas, okay?

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