Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Look what Aaron found. They don't have them for kids though, which I think was my actual goal. Although I reserve the right to change my mind. He also got me some scratchies, which would have had more sentimental and actual value had they been winning scratchies. He said his other present to me was the idea for the month of posts. I did have a good time but it took SO LONG. But any question of how did I get to be 30? Answered. Because I have reviewed every minute of that time. So it was a present in that he took Ollie a whole bunch of the time (=now) to make it so.

I apparently only take blurry pictures now that I'm 30.

That's a 6 and a 2. It's what we had in stock. Dylan asked if I wanted "real fire." Which, yes.

Just muddling along (Ollie LOVED the muddler)

The CSA gave us a bunch of mint. We had to do SOMETHING with it.

Thanks, everyone, for following along.

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