Monday, June 21, 2010


Senior year. Many of the college pictures of my roommates and me bear a striking resemblance to preschool. I graduated though, I swear. From preschool. After I got kicked out for not wanting to take off my coat. Which is different from the time I got kicked out of daycare for crying too much. But college! Totally graduated.

Check it out--in those days I still went home sometimes, before I learned better. These guys actually recited who's on first. Why were they in the house? Who knows. Don't ask questions. But they stuck around for many years.

Legal! Ha!

This was at New Year's/Sarah's birthday at Brown. Fabulous was definitely in the name of the party.

Aaron showed up again. Well, sort of.

This was Aaron's senior show. We made focaccia and passed it out and felt fancy.

I told you! Medieval Madness! I love pinball and I don't care who knows it.

Our future save the date card! Aw...

Still skiing. I learned to telemark at some point in there, which is mainly what I do now. We didn't technically practice a lot (central Jersey and all), so the freshmen tended to come in as hotshots and get progressively worse throughout college

Fruit salad

We spent spring break at a tournament in Georgia and stayed in a big house on Tybee Island.

My current ultimate team is orange, so this jersey is seeing some use again. It's a little menacing, which can only work to my advantage.

Alana and I did the five boro bike tour with our physics professor. They close off a bunch of streets and bridges and there's tens of thousands of people. It's fun, but the main challenge is staying upright while going zero miles per hour because there are too many people to move. In explicably, Aaron and I took his dad and my mom to do it again a few years later.

Standing in front of posters since 2002

Family prom


And done.

In fact tomorrow is when we'll be back on Australia. And Albany. Oh yes.

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