Saturday, June 05, 2010

Four/Five Years

I'm just not that good at partying, okay? I think we all knew that. Who among us has not uttered the phrase, "Kate, are you really going to bed now?" Although Dylan and Ollie have combined forces to stop that from happening more effectively than any of you ever have, I might note. I believe Aaron's college friends win the prize for most incredulity at my bedtime.

Moving on, we're now in Cambridge, where my family spent a year in 1984/1985. I have accessed my real-life archives, so to speak, so I have a little more material for you. I don't have a scanner though, so they're not as nice as they might be had I set that up. Maybe for tomorrow.

Let's see. The Tiger Obsession was in full swing by this point (perhaps the impetus behind attending princeton? one can never be sure). Here is my characteristic tiger shirt, beloved for many years.

And my Halloween costume, complete with Little Sister accessory.

I also had a series of dinosaur t-shirts that I wore until they disintegrated. I would get the same ones for Dylan, but I don't see them readily on the Internet.

It turns out I wan an early Tea Pary adopter. Who know? My mom says that this ship has since burned down. History! I was a part of history.

My family's hobbies were not so different than they are now.

I began an illustrious schooling career that continues to this day.
Structures. I built a lot of structures.
I did some excavating as well. I don't notice kids today doing nearly this degree of manual labor.

I had a wee sidekick.

And a film crew.

And here's a few more for posterity.

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Sarah said...

I have searched online for those same dinosaur t-shirts, to no avail. so sad.