Sunday, June 06, 2010


I've come into some pictures from Kate: The Early Years. Year 6 is coming later this evening.

Schwabs. They start showing up pretty early on.

More cutting edge technology. He's probably editing raw footage from the video camera.

Grandmas. I was Ollie's age in this one.

At the Eastwood Ave house in Ithaca with the Wrights.

Noddy, for the Spastics Society.

I told you I liked my hair short.

Fourth birthday.

The Kid Table at my grandmother's wedding, with all my cousins on that side.

Dylan's not the only one who can score flower girl gigs.

More dinosaur shirt

New baby

More structures

Animals. Running bear is still on my dresser. This was in the house down the street from my parents' current house that they rented when they first came to Ithaca.

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