Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm having technical/stupidity issues, so I'm going to combine 11 and 12 for tomorrow.

In the meantime, the theme of this post is: Ollie is a Hazard to Himself; Lacks Sense He Was Born With. Note the Ollie-sized area cleared out from the bottom of the fridge.

He can pull up on anything, no matter how unstable.
He's started to do a little bit of cruising, but more often what he does is lets go with one hand...then the other...then falls on his head and cries.

He doesn't just need supervision, he needs a spotter.

He's gotten visibly more coordinated every day for a month, so I'm hoping he'll notice about the falling on his head thing soon.

This one's Tommy, who was not in such a hurry to get around, but otherwise appears to be the same person.


In nerd notes, Aaron found a Medieval Madness pinball game! They had one at Bard and it's our favorite and we've been looking for another one for ten years.

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