Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Aaaaaaaaand back to the slideshow. Buckle up, kids.

We started out in and around Sydney. Tommy had broken his leg skiing.

Isn't it nice that those people took that poor boy out for the day?
**jazz hands**
Who was it with the broken leg again?
This is the last known photograph of me before I was KIDNAPPED BY A GIANT KOALA RUN KATE RUN

Don't be distracted by the people. This is a picture of the orange juice.

We went up to the northern city of Cairns (pronounced without the i,r, or s. fast and loose with the letters, aren't we?), known for its many natural pool bars.
And aquatic wildlife.

We like soft things

My mom developed a complicated, conflicted relationship with the local emu community

Then we took a ferry to a hotel that has its own island.

Go team nerdswim!

There was hiking and snorkeling and kayaking and such. The kayaking was made less fun by the need to walk over painful sharp cutting coral to get out to sea.

How cool! The cockatoos come right up close!


I was studying for the MCATs the whole time we were traveling. I just like to keep things interesting. I also had a phone interview for a job. By pure luck we got the time difference right and I got to talk to the guy.

Know what else is in Australia? A bunch of maniacs.

After that Aaron and I moved to Albany. I got a cool job (all that calculating of time differences=paid off) there working at the health department. Aaron came along for the ride and got several less cool jobs (processing medicare claims, baker at brueggers, special ed aide. thanks for coming along sweetie!) We didn't know anyone and we lived in a desolate industrial area and we didn't have any money. We spent a lot of time together. And at the friendly's ice cream counter. We joined a food coop and bagged groceries to fulfill our work hours requirement. I like bagging groceries, for a while.

Look! We are grownups now! Due to: appliances.

Aaron's mancave.

Why he got to stay, despite the mancave.

We met Lisa in Albany! She was our friend! And her adorable kids, who are now like seven years older than this.

In the spring we went out to LA for my cousin's wedding party.

Tommy found Jesus so he could walk again. He IS HEALED! Praise be.

I remember this picture. My dad was chanting for cake.

Tomorrow: my stint at camp; Rochester: the journey begins

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