Tuesday, June 08, 2010


This is handy, because it's helping me keep track of the date. For example, today is the eighth.

Here I am, diligently practicing. Conversely, perhaps my practicing was so noteworthy that a picture was required?

In the summers we used to go to Sag Harbor.
Check out the bathing suit with the built-in floaties. I remember being amused when Tommy had to wear it too.

I had a picture of Saggy, the box turtle we adopted there, around here somewhere, but it has been buried beneath the weight of history (aka the millions of pictures I've been going through) so I can't find it right now. I'm pretty sure that kind of turtle is endangered and illegal to have as a pet now. Also: salmonella. Oh, here he is. Or she. One never knows, with box turtles.
My mom's writing partner's family lived nearby, so we saw them a lot. Leigh is just a few weeks apart from me in age, so that was theoretically nice. We fought. All. the. time.

We went to daycamp there for a few years.
Crazy t-shirt day. Crazy! I think that's that same hat.
I was a big Mets fan. I had lots of baseball cards and plans to play in the majors as an adult.

Here are those plans in action.

By this time we had Vanna White. I am missing her right now, given the Sienna's subpar turning radius. The driver was like three inches from the front of the car so you could basically pivot. The two foot long gear shift was also fun. Many years down the road I managed to blow out the transmission, despite it being manual.

There's a whole album from the renovations when we moved to Cayuga Heights. I'll spare you. We moved the very day Tommy was born and lived in the attic for a while after that. I remember that as being sort of fun, but I imagine the people tending the two children plus newborn during the renovations might disagree.

And hey! Look who showed up!

Anyone else find this eerie? Compared to the two children around here right now?

Ollie's losing it so that's it for tonight, but tomorrow we'll be treated to some winter sports.

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