Friday, June 25, 2010


Must catch up! I'll do this one, and try to slog ahead to 25 later tonight, if Aaron can intercept Ollie's miserable crawl toward me.

July 2004 finds us again in France. Hard knock life and all.

Aaron's boss at the bakery recommended a bakery for us to visit in Paris. When I told them my husband was a baker they took us downstairs to see the baking in action.
It was on this trip that Annie pioneered the daring shrug like you have only the faintest idea of where you are and why approach to snapshots.

This was in St. Emilion, where you can just try any random wine in the wine store and have it be awesome, in addition to the awesome of having a wine store where random wine tasting is encouraged. And it's all cheap because you are basically standing on the grapes, and they want to compensate you for getting all that grape gook on your toes.

We decided to do the obvious thing when confronted with the narrow streets of Old Nice.

Oh yes. A segway tour.

Aaron has been bitterly jealous ever since.

Despite the bitterness, Tommy came up for an apprenticeship at the bakery.

Annie also came up for an apprenticeship, but in wine tasting.

Aaron took to creepily appearing in corn fields. He's been working on giving it up, for the children.
Josh and Laura's wedding

On three, everyone look in a different direction

Trip to Stowe

In April a contingency went to visit Annie, who was studying in Grenoble. The trip was highly successful because we were all of one mind about when we would get the next coffee/hot chocolate/wine/crepe/baguette/fromage. (Immediately.)

I always thought this picture looked like it had a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean-style backdrop instead of...reality.

Like ants on a log, but with Aaron

I call this our last-known-photo-before-the-disappearance picture. It just has that look about it.

I can report that as of 2005, vegetarians in France were still considered a confusing oddity.

Aaron took the shrugging for the camera innovation and, I would say, ran with it. I think I even missed a few.

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