Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay. Once I started the blog/had the baby, however you want to think about it, there were SO MANY PICTURES. I in no way have the patience to go through all of them right now since we're still in baby isn't such a rockstar at sleeping mode so we have zero free time. Here are some representative ones. For more, see: blog, four years of. I thought at the time that we kept on doing so much stuff once we had Dylan. Maybe. But the photographs are of: Dylan. And this is about MEEEEEEE.

Speaking of doing stuff, we took the kids to a sports bar for two hours today to watch the world cup. It didn't help though. But was fun. Aaron and our friend Zach both required naps afterwards, but I handled my third of the pitcher and went running afterwards. Lightweights. Aaron had an app that lets him hand out yellow and red cards and Zach downloaded a vuvuzela app, so it was like we were really there. And officiating. Dylan misunderstood and though we were going to see a real game and was grumpily disappointed most of the time. Whatever kid, eat your sweet potato fries

I would also like to highlight that the pictures of Aaron shrugging yesterday included the Mona Lisa, Notre Dame, and Jim Morrison's grave. I told you, classy.

Aaron got a new toy
Oh. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Lurking about, as always

Slowly expanding until I have my own gravitational pull

Looking sharp there, Snuff.
We're totally ready!

And starting to lose it a little bit!

We finally got Dylan out! That didn't go very well, now did it? Let us never speak of that time again.

Aaron! Get some kind of hold of yourself.

Sad little chicken. What, is the sky falling?

She is totally not in that thing correctly.

At a few weeks older than Ollie is now.

Tomorrow: I acquire no new pets, husbands, children, or degrees. I know!

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