Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Ninth birthday. Note the cake.

Glenwood Pines with Schwabs

Elaborate recreations of courthouses of Ithaca with Sarah, who makes frequent appearances in today's post.

Trip to Stowe

One of many many yearly soccer photos. Note commenter Gillian on the left there (also on the right in birthday pic above).
This costume got a lot of use, as I recall.
I have apparently always been into Halloween.

Several years later I just wore the medallion to school and said I was a cult leader.

Trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto
An actual tiger!
We got box seats for a Yankees-Bluejays game at the former Skydome, now Rogers Centre (sic). This made a big impression, given my career goals.

There's an infamous story about Tommy making a break for this exhibit on this trip. When we took Dylan to this museum last year we got all excited because it was still there. Then we all turned to Tommy and told him to stay put.

And again with the grandparents


Sarah said...

we were the coolest.

bleisenblog said...

you said it.