Sunday, June 13, 2010


By this time I had switched from softball to lacrosse. The softball coach hadn't liked me very much (weird, right? not that someone wouldn't like me, but to make sure a 12-year-old you're coaching knows it?) and they had called me space cadet Kate on the team. I think that was probably reasonable because what if I had been paying attention to the softball game the whole time? I might have expired. Anyway, I liked lacrosse and I got to run around a lot more.

This was the first summer we went to France. I think I had my own camera by this time and I can't find my album. I went to ski camp and met up with my family later, so I'm not actually in any of these skiing pictures.
Les Deux Alpes was like a big playground. It's where I first met crepes. We got along well.

My mom, Annie, and I also went to Cape May, NJ to visit my mom's college friend Jane for a few summers.

I guess I've always had Sun Issues. I remember these trips as quite fun, but I'm told I was on the whiny side. To put it nicely, which I will.

Eighth grade graduation. Anyone look familiar? Also, did we all get attacked by a wallpaper truck?


Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

Wallpaper truck! Indeed. :) I remember dressing in 8th grade was so stressful b/c (I felt) you had to look basically the same as everyone else without anyone wearing the exact same dress.

bleisenblog said...

I think we achieved that goal.

Kate said...

Ha! In MN I had nearly the same "wallpaper" spread for my 8th grade graduation.