Tuesday, June 01, 2010

One Year Old

I was, I've been told, a chatty little thing by 18 months. I apparently had little interest in toilet training at that point, or (foreshadowing) at any subsequent point. [ed note: Kate is now proud to announce that she has maintained continence for many years as an adult] I imagine I was busy achieving other notable accomplishments, such as stacking two blocks and scribbling.

I think we were in Ithaca at this point.

This is from June of 1982, at Stewart Park, right before I turned two. It looks like a love of Water Play is hereditary.

I thought they didn't have these sprinklers anymore, but I found a picture of them on the current City of Ithaca's Stewart Park website, so maybe they do? Or maybe their website is from 1982?

Those Death Trap See Saws are definitely gone though.

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