Monday, May 31, 2010

30 Days to 30

As you may know, we at BleisenCentral like to celebrate birthdays for months. I will be turning 30 at the end of June (satisfyingly, on the 30th). Aaron thought that I should throw myself a birthday party for the next month, with a story every day, one for each year. I am suggestible, so today: The First Year.

It all started in Los Angeles, 1980. I have looked up a little history of the area and learned, "The Los Angeles River overflows its levees in Long Beach, sparking concern that the flood control system is inadequate to handle a '100-year' flood."

As you can see, I already had my trademark neckfat. The romper has really stood the test of time and remains a mainstay of my wardrobe.

I was, I have been told, Difficult, unless relatives were around, when I pretended to be Easy. I remain the same to this day.

Up Next: Age 1: All the Photo Albums From Age 1-18 Are At My Parents' House But I Will Nonetheless Persevere For The Sake Of Being True To The Goal Of Throwing Myself a Month-Long Party.

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