Tuesday, May 18, 2010

out and about in rochester

I guess we're in the habit of sightseeing, because we ended up seeing the Rochester sights this weekend.

Dylan LOVED the parade at the start of the lilac festival last year, so we definitely wanted to take her again. Shriners ahoy!

I can't believe we hadn't been to a game of our minor league baseball team, the Red Wings, before. Aaron won some tickets from donating blood (he has some kind of racket going and is always coming home with loot from this) so we went on Sunday. They are the farm team for the Minnesota Twins. Confusingly, there is no involvement with hockey.
"Come back here, little girl."
At the end of the game there was a play catch with your mom in the outfield session. We had gotten there late so we didn't get a ball when we walked in. We made do with a pretend one. Video here if you need a better visual.
Then we wandered over to the High Falls District, which the area around this cool waterfall right downtown. The previous mayor had made a big push to turn it into a revitalized urban neighborhood, so when we first moved here there was a lot going on there. A lot of the stuff has since closed, but there are some new condos and it still seems possible that it could come back a bit.

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