Saturday, May 29, 2010

the mind wanders

We only have network tv, which consists of the basic networks and 45 public broadcasting stations. Maybe it's more like three, but it seems like they're everywhere. Here are my questions: How do they manage to make even the most modern of shows have that filmed-in-1978 feel? And. How many Europe travel shows, exactly, does the world require? I think one network may be entirely devoted to them. The castles! The wine! The food! It's all blending together into a chateau smoothie.

Wait, I know! It's so they can replay shows from any time in the past three decades and you'll never know the difference. Felting never goes out of style.

There are some kids shows on one of the others. They are apparently not allowed to go more than 30 seconds without trying to teach you a letter, whether you need to learn it or not. E, okay? It's an E! I get it now.


I have a baby who puts himself to sleep, sometimes, for naps. Without crying! In like 15 minutes! I never thought I would own one of those, but I've always wanted one. We have had six excellent months since Ollie was born with no one on a napping schedule. We made the most of it with the travel and all, but I am now ready to sell my soul to the schedule because IT MAKES THE CHILD TAKES LOTS OF LONGS NAPS. I have gotten more done in the last week than in the previous two months.


We recently configured both cars with two car seats so we can stop juggling kids and car seats and jockeying for driveway position. Since then we've been using the subaru more than the minivan for driving around town since it gets better mileage and it's a little cozier for shorter trips. We cleverly loaded up both kids and went to Lowe's, where we bought all the stuff for the basement rearrangement I'm working on. We also had a bulky stroller in the car. It was a real life jigsaw puzzle! Where I was a piece because I can fit between the car seats in the back. We did not, in the end, have to send a runner home to get the van, but we sure thought about it. I'll try to remember to give you a basement tour when I'm done. I'll get there soon if Ollie keeps up with his sleep requirements, as of course I encourage him to do. For health.

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