Thursday, May 27, 2010

And a few more

"Do we need to keep these manuals of camp rules circa 2004?"


"You sure? Really? I can get rid of these? Sure sure sure? You're not worried about throwing them out?"

"Wait, wait. No. Now I need them."


Kate, with face full of sunblock: Am I good?

Aaron: Yes. Great.

Kate: ARG. I know it's not all rubbed in.

A: Oh, that. No, let me get that for you.

K: Thanks...Wait. What were you saying yes to then?

A: I've found it's good to be positive.

K: You're a Yes Man.


Dylan: It's my turn to talk!

Dylan's friend: But I want to talk now!

Dylan: How about we both talk?

Both: talk talk talk talk TALK TALK TALK TALK talk talk TALK

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