Sunday, May 30, 2010

still wandering

Aaron was seized vith the need to vipe the vindows this morning. I was forced to have Dylan tip him after he got the squeegee out.


Memo to baby: Six Months Old! Take it easy, man.


The ABC news show that's on around 3 or 4am, with which I am all too familiar, is sort of great. It's a regular serious news show, but the anchors are a bit snarky and make personal comments about all the stories. I like it, as much as one can like anything at that hour.


We made the New York Times pizza recipe they published a couple weeks ago, complete with making our own starter from scratch over the course of a week. It was quite good, but I don't have a food scale so I think something must have been off. The dough didn't cook through all the way in the middle, was the main problem. Aside from making our own dough, I also used the pizza stone, which I warmed up ahead of time, and turned the oven up as high as possible. Those were both definite improvements over our usual pizza. When Aaron worked at the bakery he used to bring hunks of dough home for this all the time. I think I'll try again and use more starter this time. I may just not have cooked them long enough, but it takes some nerve to keep cooking at that temperature for very long, and the cheese looked done.

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