Sunday, May 02, 2010


The worst part, by far, was the drive to Toronto. Ollie is not one for a nice car ride, nor is he one to hold back on expressing his burning burning rage. We, in turn, are not always what you would call competent in the navigating unfamiliar airports department, which may have added a half hour or so to the journey. All water under the bridge.

Ollie, it turns out, has been on west coast time for several months. He and Dylan both did fantastic on the plane. Air Canada: better than most US airlines. They walk around constantly with a pitcher of water and there's on demand tv and movies on all the seats and they're really nice and the fares were reasonable.

Dylan has been holding up pretty well, but alternates between completely overstimulated and sort of crashing. This is waiting to check in to the hotel.
The hotel, in addition to being right near the conference and the water, is hosting many marathoners and was right on the route this morning. I hopped on in and ran 12 or 13 miles with them for moral support.
The urchins settled in quickly.

The forecast is a cliched 50-something degrees and raining most of our time in Vancouver, so we seized the brief window of sun yesterday to walk along the water. We brought our traveling nannies, who are easily distracted by ipad scrabble. They don't even HAVE ipads in canada yet. We're fancy.
And that pesky j.crew model, he showed up too.

There are sea planes everywhere. We're hoping to take one at some point.

Traveling with the kids certainly dominates the trip, but it's also fun. Dylan thinks everything is really cool and we're still able to do a lot of fun stuff.

And I got to be in one of the pictures! Aaron says it must have been cold there in his shadow.

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