Monday, June 07, 2010


This seems to be the age I got my mitts on the camera. It was a little different in those days because you had to buy film and pay to get the pictures developed. Actually now that I'm looking through all my albums it's only been about five years since I switched to digital. Sharp looking bunch, aren't they?

This is the index Snow Village house. Little did we know how they multiply. Snow Village today has maxed out the mantle, annexed a bookcase, and is eying the rug in its endless thirst for real estate.

I took skating lessons for a bunch of years. I was never so good at the spinning and the jumping and the whatnot, but I liked it.

I also took piano lessons for a number of years and also was not particularly good at it. I did not, however, like it.
I guess we hung out at the baseball hall of fame a lot.

This is the last year we lived in the Eastwood Ave house. Here are some shots from around there.

I still have most of these animals.

I wish I had these Oscar slippers right now.

I lied about the summer, I think I'll do that tomorrow. Also up tomorrow: an interloper.


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely walk down memory lane, Kate. Thank you! Just to set the record straight-you were a fine piano playeras well as a charming and delightful but never an easy baby! love, Aunt C.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that huge glasses are coming back into style. That hair never was in style! Love, Amma/Mom No comment about the piano playing ability. But if you'd only PRACTICED...!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate, What does it mean that you and Aaron had the same cars & trucks comforter when you were kids? Nana