Monday, June 28, 2010


Aaaaaah, Reality and Retrospective are about to collide!

Dylan turned two. She still looks like such a baby!

By this time I was finishing up my dissertation and starting back up in med school.

Some of our favorite Rochester friends/now favorite commenters were leaving town.

This game of making beds on the floor is still one of her favorite games. Aaron got tucked in so well he fell asleep the other day. How convenient.

Remember Snuffsterpiece Theatre? With Alistair Snuff?

The original Lurking Jungle Beast

Oh no, it looks like Dylan inherited the creepy corn field thing.

Glad to see I had put her to work early on

Oh ha, we had that teepee in the living room for a year. Now it's the centerpiece of the new basement playroom that I haven't shown you yet.

Peach processing sweatshop. The squirrels got them all last year, so I'm siccing(?) Snuffy on them this year.


This is just awesome

And she's done looking like a baby. Meanwhile, Ollie is incubating already.

Snuffy follows Dylan into the fold

Annie came back!

I'm glad I took a picture of this because it was the setup for about a day. We didn't think she'd fall out but then she did and she was scared and didn't go to bed for like a month and that's why she now has Aaron's futon in her room.

Pretty pretty princess

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