Saturday, June 12, 2010


My 11th birthday party. I made everyone dress up and do one of those murder mysteries in a box. I'm pretty sure it didn't go over that well. Plus the solutions are always so convoluted that no one could possibly figure it out.

I am prepared to certify these years as full on Awkward. First two years of middle school, sounds about right.

This is another elaborate project I made for school. I remember picking out some fancy textured paint at the hardware store to perfect that castle-y look. I think the castle is actually still in my parents' attic, but to find out I would have to go up there, wouldn't I?

I am becoming increasingly convinced that someone whipped out the camera whenever I touched the piano. Who are we trying to fool, now?

I made my own Christmas tree because...I did stuff like that a lot.

More sports pictures
One of these summers we went to a family reunion in Colorado. I remember it as being pretty fun, but looking at the pictures I am led to believe there were a number of sullen teenagers/adults in attendance.

I read pretty much constantly for about ten years.

Who gave the two-year-old a horseshoe?

We also drove out to Illinois again, and developed a thing for Big Boy on the way. And the tiger shirt stuck around a bit longer.

Was no one concerned that a killer whale got the children?

Ah, who doesn't remember my self-taught fife stylings fondly?

A couple more trips and I'm done for the day.

Some of us took the train to DC.

We went to Jackson Hole a couple times, which was really cool.

And I'll leave you with this.

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