Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Check it out, I look like a normal person again!Okay, a normal person WITH A SNAKE ON HER ARM.

This was Tommy's 7th birthday party, and by the looks of things he had graduated from stuffed animals to real ones.

Does anyone remember this happening? With the ENORMOUS SNAKE in the living room?

Then things went even further for Tommy, animal-wise. He's gainfully employed at the moment, so I guess it all worked out.

He does, however, have a lifelong red eye issue. Freakishly huge pupils and whatnot.

These are from the Empire State Games, in Lake Placid.

Back at Niagara Falls. I don't remember going multiple times, but pre-Photoshop photography doesn't lie. Those glasses! It's not like that was a style, at the time. I just thought they were so cool. Buy why? WHY?

Family trip to Asheville for Grandma Nita's birthday. All those teenagers look so much less sullen! Possibly because they're now in their 20s.

Okay, now this seems like Disney World? That's when we met those nice manatees. Sigh, again with the glasses.

And maybe this too? The mysterious woman in some of the pictures is Laura, our Italian au pair who came on one of the France trips. We've stayed loosely in touch ever since. I visited her on a trip in college and my parents still see her every couple years.

I...don't know.

Tomorrow: Can I find any pictures of this entire year? Is it because of the switch from family photo albums to unlabeled ones from high school of indeterminate dates? Yes?

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