Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back to Modern Times, Briefly

I feel like I'm spamming the Internet here, with all this posting. REAL FOTOS 4U HERE DA1LY! EARN BIG $$ IN UR SPARE TIME!!!!


We took the kids to see Whad'Ya Know in Ithaca, because nothing says child-friendly like a two hour long live public radio show for adults. It was cool to see, and we lasted about an hour. I would say Aaron started to panic first, in anticipation of a potential Dylan meltdown. It was during the Ithaca festival so Dylan then got bedazzled, which she took very seriously. She didn't know what a unicorn was before, but she does now.

Ollie has gone back to his troll roots and has taken to making this face all the time.

Aaron is sure he is going to be a dentist.
Let's just have a look now, sir.

Oh! He did So Big the other day! On purpose! It was sort of a jerky, spastic kind of thing, but it was definitely deliberate. I remember when Dylan did her first sentient thing like that too. It doesn't feel too dissimilar to having the dog look at you and start talking, I imagine.


Aunt Cathe gave Dylan some Moosewood kid cookbooks, which I took to mean I could outsource the cooking of dinner to Dylan. The recipes are in pictures for preschoolers. She chose the recipe for a salad bar. Sucker. She had to eat everything there, including olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes, all stuff she doesn't usually want to try. I've sensed weakness with her lately, with the food, so I'm really cracking down on making her eat everything we eat. It's actually been working shockingly well.

Ollie managed to get all constipated again, has thus been not sleeping at night, and is passing out all over the place during the day. I do not have that luxury so I've been focusing my efforts on self medicating with dark chocolate even more than usual.

Back to your regularly scheduled painstaking stroll down the labyrinths of my childhood this evening.

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