Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Iraq war protest in NYC. That worked, right?

And on to camp...seemed like a good idea, looks like fun...was not a good idea.

Rochester ahoy! I love driving uhauls. I don't see any geeky here we are in front of our house pictures. I suppose it's never too late to take such pictures.

And back to Princeton for Ilana and Jake's wedding. Way to still be married!

Around Rochester

In high school Tommy used to have regattas in Rochester every semester. Now he's moved on to college. Oh, and almost finished college, insha'allah. (We all picked that one up from Annie in Morocco. Who knows what she'll bring back from India. Hopefully a cow.)

Look, we brought Annika to Thanksgiving!


Aaron's birthday: the celebration that never ends
He looked away for a minute and Sol seized the moment. And a knife.

The princeton ultimate team came to play in a tournament here. Seems far to me, but was fun.

We brought Annie to the med school dance. She'll tell you about our table-mates to this day.

Can't take me anywhere.
And the mancave came along too. Easy to pack and all.

Only one more day BDE (before the digital era). Only two more before bloggy here. Yes, that means I have been doing this for almost FOUR YEARS. You're good with math, aren't you?

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