Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sarah & Spencer Sitting in a Tree

Here is where we were last weekend, for Sarah's wedding.

Dylan was overcome with joy from the endless parade of grownup friends to play with, some of whom stayed in-house. She prefers girls, but will take what she can get.

Aaron was classy, as always


Ollie was a pill. We struggle to get him to bed before 10pm on a good night, and he was done and made us go home by like 9:30pm. I was irritated with him because I have such a compulsion about getting the kids (and me!) enough sleep I am almost never willing to keep them up late just for fun. I never even managed to get his fancy outfit on him.

Dylan was sleepy during dinner, but perked up to party later. She continues to think of brides as celebrities, and kept talking breathlessly about going to find Sarah. She likes me to name all my friends (I enjoy this game as well) and would start every request with Sarah! And Alana!

Official pics here, with cameos from the childrens and my legs. Note Ollie's location during the ceremony. Pill, I tell you.

Congratulations, guys, that was really a treat.

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