Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sophomore year

It eventually occurred to me that having pictures of every single person I'd ever known from home looking down at my desk might make me homesick, so I took it all down. It does look cool though.

This all looks like fun. I assume we were busy studying at all other times.

I believe this is Ilana dressed as Jake.

It rained so much the water supply got messed up and we had to swim around campus.

I don't remember why, but we were really proud owners of this coat rack.

I built a corridor through our suite. I guess it's the logical outgrowth of all those complicated school projects.
This was one of my favorite trips ever, when we went to visit Alana's family in Los Alamos. Or should I say White Rock?

Wegmans spawned a love of all grocery stores.

You cannot both look menacing and have a sun painted on your cheek. Rules to live by. We had t-shirts made for my freshman year eight-person suite, modeled here. I guess we had to commemorate our collective relationship progressing from icy to tolerable over the course of freshman year.

I used to coach ski camp during winter break. That's Tommy in the blue helmet.

That's Mac, holding a child upside down. That'll learn 'em.

We made some kind of gingerbread...slum during that break. And also gingerbread me.

I spent that summer working at summer camp at the American School of Paris and traveling around afterwards.

We went to visit Laura. I think we also had a typical American backpacking around Europe moment where we had missed the last bus out of a small town and a nice local judge we asked for directions took us home to stay with her. I just saw the same thing happen on little people big world.

This is in Grenoble, future temporary home of Annie (readers may remember her from such blogs as Le Annie and al Annie), who, by the way, is currently travel blogging again.

Tomorrow: More COLLEGE!

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