Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Catching up

Okay. We have a lot of work to do. All this reminiscing is getting me behind on the business of real posts. Today we will have a section for Dylan, one for Ollie, and one for Snuffy.

First, Dylan. I have been remiss. I have not showed you this yet.

It's the same picture on every page. And yet, each is awesome in its own way.

That's Swiper, the very gentle bad guy. The kids have to yell Swiper no swiping! I have adapted this to Ollie. Slimer no sliming! It applies at almost all times.

The stumpy little body is more what she looked like as a little toddler, but close enough.

This one's pretty true to life.

Lo hicimos!

Dylan had a couple very cheerful months, and has now progressed to ever-more-contrarian mode, with different degrees depending on how tired she is. She's also quite functional now, which is fun, although having a constant life apprentice has its own challenges.



We had his six month appointment yesterday, in honor of his turning seven months today. Dylan is still his favorite. They'll let her go hang out with him when he starts daycare.

He is so big. (he's not, really. I'm starting to feel a little silly having to constantly reassure someone who weighs 15 pounds of how large he is) He won't quite do So Big on command--he prefers to make me do it on his command. When I put him down to change his diaper or put him in the high chair, he flops his arms up and stares at me meaningfully until I respond. He seems to think it means more than it does, but we have our signals crossed and have not made much progress in working this out. I'm starting some other signs with him to potentially clarify things.

I make him hang out in this hat BECAUSE I CAN. No teeth to speak of, yet. He's a great eater though. I've been doing a lot of finger foods, which he gnaws overdramatically. He doesn't have any of those fancy grips yet so he has to do chunky fist rake to get the cheerios in the mouth. I find it entertaining.

The pediatrician says it is 1 in 500 babies that crawls at six months. Aaron didn't want him to get a big head, so he told him that with 300 million people in the country, 600,000 of them would have crawled at six months also.

The crawling makes him happy, but I can't help but regret all the extra vigilance that has been involved. I could have been blogging! For you!

He's doing fine with height and weight. I forgot the form at the doctor's office, so I don't have the actual percentiles. I think he's like 75th for height, 50th for head, and staying around the 10th for weight. Since he's been moving around so much he's just going to skip that part where the baby sits there and claps and fattens up for a few months. He did great with the shots, I just had to pick him up and we was like fine, I'm done crying then. He starts at daycare on Monday and I start a week later. I think we're as ready as possible, and I'm not that worried about it this time. I think he'll like it.


And Snuffy.

He's looking alert, don't you think?


Fine, not much is new with Snuffy. Ollie loves him, he loves that Ollie now gets food, Dylan can really throw a ball for him, and both Aaron and I have been running with him all the time this spring. Sounds good to me.


And finally, do you like my new art project?

I call it melange de rabies vaccination record et childhood photos.

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