Sunday, June 06, 2010


The official title of this month is now Kate: A Retrospective: The First Thirty Years.

Dinosaurs of a different sort. I managed to get out alive.

At six I graduated from structures to legos. Then we got lego logo. We were the only non-educational institution to own it. You could write programs on early computers to control moving lego parts, like a carousel. Nerds.

The baseball hall of fame. Note the new tiger shirt and the Schwabs everywhere.

We spent a lot of time on this chair.

This is at the McDonald's in Liberty with the giant play area, halfway down to Long Island.

We lived in Palo Alto the second half of my first grade year.

This is Wuffles, the class bear. I recall intense competition to be able to take him home for the night.

This is at North Star, in Lake Tahoe, at the beginning of my accomplished skiing career. I am now retired, although I have not yet settled on a TV announcing contract.

I got to announce one of the songs at the school concert. The theme was, I hope, cowboys. Anyone want to hear Ghost Riders in the Sky?

Various California adventures.

That's me in the duck.

I fancied this headband for many months.

And I think we're all caught up. Up tomorrow: age seven (there's a pattern!); summering.

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