Monday, June 14, 2010


Most of the pictures I have from this year are from France again. What with all the attending of sports practices I don't think I took a lot of pictures during school.

I was starting to come out the other side of the awkward, but negative points for wearing a fanny pack (see below).
Annie is not around because she misbehaved or something, and was sent to French sleep away camp with actual French children. They redirected her misbehavior by firmly telling her, ANNIE, NON.

We toyed with becoming street performers in the Jardin du Luxembourg, but it didn't pan out.

We were early adopters of Euro Disney.

In contrast to other trips, this is not one I remember as being fun but was told I was intolerable. Oh no. I was intolerable. I remember. I think I got better after that, but you'll have to bear me out on that one.

That spring we visited London. Do you know why this picture looks weird? Because it's in the THIRD DIMENSION. I think we must have gotten some weird 3D disposable camera so the pictures give you a headache when you look at them. Magic!

This is what we thought was funny at the time, and it's hard to argue things have changed much.

I'm pretty sure Annie is giving Gavin bunny ears.

I just found a HUGE box of old school stuff of mine, so I may have to work samples of that in. Because if I'm not going to use it in a blog retrospective of my life, when am I going to use it? When? And why do I quite so much stuff like this? And you know what, I found my baby book, and it's pretty much my mom's equivalent of a blog. Before the internet, even!

Tomorrow: halfway there!


Gillianboudreau@hotmail.com said...

Woah, you've been with Aaron darn near half your life! Awesome!

bleisenblog said...

Hey now. We did not actually start dating at 16, just made each other's acquaintance. I think we're only at 9 consecutive years.

I'm sure Aaron only considers his life to have begun when we started dating.