Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey! We've made it to the 90s! Welcome.

It appears we can deem this the official start of an Awkward Phase. Although give me a couple years and I'll really get going.

This dress is from fifth grade graduation, where I seem to have gone as a nice Amish girl. Also, notice my continued devotion to the piano.

I don't even know how I picked that thing up.

So many sports. I believe I got grumpy if I was not what is technically known as overscheduled. I liked it. Now I like it less and wish to schedule as little as possible.

Gore Mountain

My dad, Annie, and I took a trip to Vail, where the avant garde film Eisenbergs Minus Two was filmed.

We drove out to Illinois from Ithaca to see my grandparents. Conveniently, Cedar Point is on the way. Tommy, he liked the creatures.

I can't quite shake the feeling that some of these are from Disney World also. I think we all remember Tommy's single-minded devotion to meeting Mickey, a certain amount of which he has retained. Annie, she liked the TMNT.

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